<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/13/76/10/23/56/181012082531.jpg?t=1573704436"><br>Parcel 689. 40 Acres! No HOA, no CCR's. Just you and this beautiful property, South of Rt 66, East of Peach Springs.40 Acs NO HOA Horses OK Peach Springs AZ! As the bird flies, this property is only a few miles SW of the Nelson plant. But best access is the long way around through an edge of Coconino &amp; Yavapai Counties down Hyde Park Rd and then West into Mohave County. This makes the property very private, indeed. And a special bonus, the Parcel abuts a Section of Arizona State Trust land. You can get very reasonably priced permits to play on this 640 Acres of Trust land. Well Estimate shows deep water, so water haul and/or catchment would be your best bet for water. 40 Acs NO HOA Horses OK Peach Springs AZ! The Seller is willing to finance! Or ... you can finance land purchase and home construction for as little as 0% to 3.5% down! Eligible for Manufactured Homes, Single Family Residences and Modular Homes! Ask us how! 40 Acs NO HOA Horses OK Peach Springs AZ! <br>